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Lisa Anciaux

AAA Washington Travel

Hawaii’s Incredible Islands

Dreaming of Hawaii

AAA Cruise Expert Lisa Anciaux Imagines Her Next Hawaiian Island Vacation

If you’re like me, the different seasons trigger dreams of specific vacations.

In spring, I start getting the itch to plan an Alaska adventure. In the summer, fall road trips are often on my mind. And when the grayness of winter greets me each morning, it’s usually Hawaii that captures my fantasy.

After the events this past year, lying on a white-sand beach with a tropical drink in hand just sounds incredible.

Every Hawaiian island is naturally gorgeous and graciously welcomes visitors, but what I love most is how each island provides a totally unique experience. From the rugged beauty of Kauaʻi’s coastline to the cosmopolitan comforts of Oʻahu, the gorgeous beaches of Maui to the volcanic wonders of the Big Island, I want to set foot on every single island.

Luckily, with a Hawaiian cruise, I — and you — can. We’re especially fortunate to live in a region with cruise departures that head directly for Hawaii from the Pacific Northwest, and there are usually plentiful options up and down the West Coast, from family-friendly trips to utterly luxurious adventures for two.

If your heart is set on a single island, Northwest residents also are fortunate to have relatively short flights and less expensive airfares to Hawaii.

Of course, travel of all kinds is still not back to normal, and may not be for a while. But when we are back to exploring near and far, a Hawaiian vacation certainly will feel better than ever.

I can almost taste that tropical drink now.

Because of COVID-19, please take recommended safety precautions if you are planning a future trip, and always check the availability of services, events, amenities and other details before you go.

Lisa Anciaux

AAA Washington Director of Travel Products

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