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Lisa Anciaux

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Adventure Travel Tips

7 Tips for Traveling beyond the ordinary

Expert Advice for Adventure Travel and Exotic Destinations

Have you ever dreamed of a vacation that allows you to explore off the beaten path and discover the true identity of your destination? Then you’re ready for adventure travel: a style of journey that takes you deep into the wild heart of a region.

Experiences could include kayaking a glacial cave in Alaska, a hot air balloon ride over Kenya, sipping local wine on a remote Greek beach, a sunset camel excursion in Morocco — the possibilities are dazzling.

Here are some tips for staying safe and enjoying what might be your most exciting escape yet:

  1. Pack appropriately for the weather and the activities you will encounter. Comfortable walking shoes are always a must, but you may also need bug-repellent clothing, a hat for sun protection, rain gear, hiking/walking poles and other items you might not have needed on previous vacations.
  2. Take time to thoroughly review your itinerary and learn about the level of exertion involved with each activity. Some adventures may require extensive walking, strenuous hikes or long bike trips. If an activity seems like it may be beyond your abilities, look for an alternative for that day.
  3. Be realistic about your lodging. If you’re used to five-star resorts, some of the smaller, boutique hotels on adventure vacations may seem far less glamorous. However, they offer a better window into local culture.
  4. If you’re taking any medications, bring a few extra days’ worth. If you’re delayed in a remote destination, it may be difficult to access an emergency refill.
  5. Ask your doctor if there are any vaccines you may need before traveling to your destination.
  6. Make sure you have a passport that is valid for six months after your intended return date. This is a requirement for entry into many countries. You may need a tourist visa to enter your destination country, so give yourself enough time to obtain the visa before you depart. A visa may also be available at your destination’s airport.
  7. Most importantly, pack your patience and sense of humor. Adventure travel is all about learning, exploring and experiencing diversity. If you’re not open to new experiences outside of your comfort zone, adventure travel may not be for you.

Lisa Anciaux

AAA Washington Director of Travel Products

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