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Lisa Anciaux

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Picking Your Perfect Cruise Ship Cabin

7 Tips for Picking Your Perfect Cruise Ship Cabin

Where is the Best Room Location on a Cruise Ship? 

When I began cruising, there was only a handful of cabin categories: inside, outside, higher deck, lower deck, port or starboard. Although those are still the main categories, some of the largest cruise ships now have more than 40 options, which makes it harder to pick the perfect cabin for your journey.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing a cabin; it’s all about deciding what cruise experience you want and selecting a cabin that fits your needs. Here are seven tips to help you choose with confidence:

  1. If you’re prone to seasickness, definitely choose a lower cabin (nearer the water line) and closer to the center of the ship. Even though modern ships are designed to cruise quite smoothly, cabin location still helps if seas get rough.
  2. On most ships, the main food venues are located toward the rear (stern) of the ship, and entertainment options are located near the front (bow). Keep that in mind when deciding which elevator you’d want to be closer.
  3. If you’re sensitive to noise, pay extra attention to a cabin’s vicinity to loud areas like the pool deck.
  4. Higher-priced cabins offer more than just extra space and premium furnishings. Most come with perks such as early boarding, exclusive lounges, butler service and special complimentary dining.
  5. Your destination may affect your cabin choice. For example, on a warm-weather cruise, a private veranda might be more important than it would be in Alaska, where you may not want to spend as much time outside while underway.
  6. Cruise length should be considered. If you’re on a short cruise, a less spacious — and less expensive — cabin may be just fine. On a two-week voyage, the same cabin may feel a bit too tight.
  7. How do you plan on using your cabin? If you know you’ll be out dining and dancing until the morning hours, a small cabin used only for sleeping and changing might suffice. If you prefer more private time, a larger cabin may be a smart splurge.

Lisa Anciaux

AAA Washington Director of Travel Products

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