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New Luxury with Celebrity Cruises

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Recorded on: Tuesday, May 4
Presentation videos are current at the time of recording, some information may have changed.

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New luxury is a simplified approach to travel from Celebrity Cruises. Come learn how emphasizing culinary exploration, holistic wellness, cultural discovery and elevated design-concepts will allow you to become more open, more curious and more fulfilled than any other vacation you’ve had. This is a new kind of luxury only available on Celebrity Cruises.

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Dream Vacations

Step outside your everyday and bring more color, adventure, and awe into your life.

Find your perfect vacation this month by attending one of our Dream Vacation Travel Talks. The bubbling blues of thermal pools await you in Iceland. The South Pacific sunsets are ready to put on a show for you every night in Tahiti. A bounty of fine wine, regional cuisine, and stunning landscapes welcome you in South Africa.

Learn about each of these extraordinary destinations from our travel partners during our September Travel Talks and start looking forward to dreamy vacation to awaken all your senses!

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