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How AAA Travel Agents Can Help You Plan Dream Vacations

Benefits of Planning Your Trips With Help From a AAA Travel Agent

Not too long ago, the majority of travel plans — including land tours, ocean cruises and boutique excursions — needed to be booked by a travel agent. It was just too difficult for most people to coordinate international travel arrangements on their own. Not everyone speaks French or Japanese, you know.

Then the internet arrived and researching travel ideas became easier than ever before. And nowadays, social media is overflowing with stunning photos of exotic destinations — each one inspiring a new getaway goal for your bucket list. But as the saying goes: The internet is for looking, travel agents are for booking. 

What AAA Travel Agents Can Do

Let’s face it, planning an international trip can be challenging. Fortunately, AAA travel agents makes it surprisingly easy — especially for more extensive trips or first-time experiences. Whether you want to book your first cruise, plan a multi-country international adventure or ride across the Rocky Mountains on a luxury railcar, a travel agent will help simplify the complicated and allow you to enjoy the journey.

No one vacation fits all travelers. That’s why AAA travel agents listen to what you want first, and then recommend vacations that fit your interests. By building lasting relationships with members, a travel agent can learn your likes and dislikes, allowing them to make better travel recommendations with each new journey. Additionally, travel agents will help you navigate any unexpected events, like emergency weather conditions or sudden travel advisories. Remove the stress — your travel agent knows what you want and will help ensure you receive it.

The AAA Travel Agent Difference

When you work with a AAA travel agent, you’ll receive a number of unique benefits that set us apart from the rest of the industry. Unlike other travel agencies, AAA travel agents don’t charge service fees for common cruises and tours. There may be fees associated with international trips or specialized bookings, but not for routine sailings to places like Alaska or the Caribbean.

Additionally, AAA offers special offers and discounts to our members on all sorts of things, like hotels, car rentals, airfare and more. Your AAA travel agent is your advocate, solely dedicated to ensuring that you have the best trip possible at the best price available.

Finally, only AAA travel agents have the internationally recognized, respected and trusted AAA brand behind them. As one of the largest leisure travel agency, that brand name empowers our travel agents to work with the most reliable travel partners around the world to provide the safest, most legitimate, and most fairly priced vacation offerings possible.

Traveling in the Post-COVID World

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be starting its long wind down in the United States, and lockdowns are going away, you may be thinking about a much-needed vacation. But as the world returns to normal and life gets busier, finding the time to plan your ideal getaway might be unnecessarily stressful.

Even though people are already safely traveling again, things will continue to change over the coming years. Depending on where you want to go, when you plan to return, and what kinds of regulations and restrictions are currently involved, a AAA travel agent can stay on top of your travel needs and provide answers to all your questions in real-time.

Skip the worry and let a AAA travel agent do the travel research and enhance your vacation today!

–Written by Jon Aiken

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