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6 Surprises at AAA Cruise & Travel Stores

AAA Cruise & Travel stores offer much more than travel planning and booking, insurance services and travel gear. Here are six things that might surprise you at AAA stores.

Luggage Lighteners

Pack less for a long trip with travel-sized items of almost every kind, plus soap sheets and a clothesline to wash your laundry in your hotel room, cruise cabin or camper. Don’t forget to pack a dryer sheet to keep your suitcase smelling fresh. And if you want to load your luggage right up to the weight limit for a cruise or flight, pack a travel scale and check in with confidence.

Foreign Exchange

More than 60 foreign currencies are available in stores. Orders take up to two business days — or longer for more exotic destinations — so plan ahead. The exchange is fee-free for orders of $200 or more.

Multi-Voltage Devices

Your hair straightener won’t work in Europe unless it’s dual voltage, but AAA stores carry them, along with multi-voltage curling irons, garment steamers and even immersion heaters for boiling water. And while most mobile phone chargers, laptops, cameras and tablet devices are dual voltage by default, don’t forget adapters for foreign power outlets, which are also available at AAA stores. Make sure they fit your devices before you leave home.

International Driving Permits (IDP)

AAA stores are the only place in Washington state where you can get an IDP. Recognized in more than 150 countries, these IDs are often required to drive or rent cars abroad. Applications are available in stores and online.

Movie Tickets

Many AAA stores sell Regal Cinema tickets at a discount for AAA members. They also are available at, along with AMC, Cinemark and other theaters.

Off-Season Gear

Whether you need a sun hat and shades in January for a trip to the tropics or an insulated coat in August for an Antarctic cruise, AAA stores offer year-round seasonal wear.

–Written by Jim Hammerand

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