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We Will Travel Again

Change is inevitable.

I’ve been in the travel business for over four decades now, and I’ve seen many global events postpone travel plans temporarily. Trips have been interrupted by natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks affected the travel industry and tourism for months, but then, as it always does, life gets back to normal and travel resumes.

Like you, I am passionate about travel — whether it’s a cruise, a land tour or a weekend trip to the ocean. Travel is in my blood. It makes me feel good to plan a vacation, to dream of a faraway escape. We all need something exciting to look forward to — especially at a time like this.

Clearly, for now, we can’t travel. But I am optimistic about the future and I hope you feel that way, too. 

Let’s keep dreaming!

Lisa Anciaux, director of Travel Products & AAA Concierge Host.

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