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Remote and beautiful, Tahiti is the largest and most populated island in French Polynesia, located in the central Pacific Ocean. The nearest major landmass is Australia. 

The island was formed from volcanic activity and is covered in mountains and surrounded by coral reefs. It is the political, economic and cultural center of the island chain. Tahiti itself is made up of two volcanic mountain ranges and is bordered by incredible beaches. 

Tahiti offers  many opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s rich culture and traditions. Additionally, Tahiti is one of the most beautiful islands to spend a vacation for any type of traveler. 

The climate in Tahiti is tropical, making the weather ideal for beach-seeking travelers. And the islands around Tahiti include other popular destinations like Bora Bora and Moorea, so the tropical adventures are endless. Moreover, these islands are usually accessible by catamaran, which is a fun experience in itself. 

Tahiti travel offers a once in a lifetime experience that shouldn’t be missed. Excellent Tahiti travel deals with AAA can be found here.

tahiti bora bora fly dive adobe stock
Fly & Dive, Bora Bora. Photo by Adobe Stock

Things to do in Tahiti

Wellness retreats

Tahiti is known for its picturesque beaches and tranquil settings. For this reason, it is a popular wellness retreat for couples and travelers. Five-star resorts can be found around Tahiti and Bora Bora, and the incredible setting coupled with world-class spa treatments are sure to create a tranquil, healing and relaxing escape for any weary traveler.

tahiti scuba divers martin valigursky adobe stock
Scuba Divers. Photo by Martin Valigursky/Adobe Stock

Tahiti is a scuba diver’s dream

Tahiti’s coastline provides a huge array of biodiversity, showcasing various fauna and flora that can be experienced through diving or snorkeling. Clear, warm waters and undisturbed coral reefs provide incredible diving and snorkeling for all levels.

The warm waters surrounding Tahiti are teeming with marine life. See clown fish, turtles, rays, various species of sharks and even humpback whales, which appear off the islands between June and November.

Sunset cruises, jet skiing and kayaking are other ways to experience the wonders of the Tahitian ocean and all it has to offer.

tahiti safari tour papenoo valley thorsten adobe stock
Safari Tour in Papenoo Valley. Photo by Thorsten/Adobe Stock

Hiking Around Tahiti

Hiking is a popular activity around Tahiti, and a great way to gain an appreciation for the tremendous abundance of animals and native plants. The islands are also a haven for birds.

Tahiti’s scenery is spectacular. Hiking trails all around Tahiti are framed by crystal clear lagoons, with incredible waterfalls, valleys, mountain peaks and ancient ruins for discovery.

Hiking with a guide is recommended, as some trail heads can be difficult to find. Additionally, a guide is also helpful in navigating ancient ruins, and can shed light on the island’s history and traditions.

Hiking trails range in difficulty. Among the more relaxed are the Papenoo Valley trails. On these you can observe archeological sites, native flora, breathtaking waterfalls and sweeping canyons. Additionally, Papenoo Valley offers the only access point to the Mount Orohena volcanic crater.

The Te Pari trail is a relaxed coastal hike that can only be accessed by boat. This picturesque hike snakes between the ocean and the cliffs of Te Pari and runs into various interesting stops along the way. Among these are the Queen’s Bathing Pool, Vaipoiri Cave, lava tubes, white beaches and coral flats.

More moderately difficult hikes are available as well, such as to the Hitiaa lava tubes. You trek into the darkness of lava caves, and swim through the cave system to reach the lava tubes flanked by hidden underground pools and waterfalls. It is a truly unique experience.

A more difficult hike in Tahiti is to Mount Aorai. This mountain is the third-highest peak on the island and offers spectacular panoramic views of Tahiti at its summit. Along the way, you’ll encounter lush flora. Hiring a guide is recommended as the trail moves around an extremely narrow ridge.

Beautiful hikes can also be found on the island of Moorea, a roughly 30-minute catamaran trip from Tahiti. This island offers scenic trails and incredible viewpoints of the Tahiti region. A well-loved trail is the Afareaitu Waterfall trail, which proceeds through the Afareaitu Valley to reach the Afareaitu Waterfall. Swim in the incredible natural pools that fall beneath the waterfalls.

tahiti easter island tuna ceviche sweet potato zero waste coconuts iblinova adobe stock
Tuna Ceviche and Sweet Potato served on Easter Island. Photo by Iblinova/Adobe Stock)

Traditional Tahitian Cuisine

Tahitian cuisine sources fresh fish and the wide variety of fruits on the island. French Polynesia remains an autonomous territory of the French Republic, and modern Tahitian traditional food is a fusion of traditional and French cuisine.

Guided food tours are available on the island, allowing you to sample the culture and tastes of Tahiti while enjoying a picturesque landscape. Try foods at beachside cafes, food stalls and other establishments.

tahiti dancers traditional cultural folk costume raquel pedrosa adobe stock
Traditional Dancers in Folk Costume. Photo by Raquel Pedrosa/Adobe Stock

Cultural Festivals

Tahiti hosts several cultural festivals. One bonus is that traditional Tahitian food is abundant at these events, so you can enjoy the unique cuisine of Tahiti while experiencing a rich and diverse culture.

It is worth checking to check the status of these events, however, and verify the dates. It is always important to check all the variables when planning a trip around festival dates.

Travel to Tahiti With AAA

Tahiti is a unique tourist destination with incredible offerings and even more phenomenal views. It is a perfect island getaway, whether for relaxing and recharging or for exploring, learning and experiencing new things, Tahiti has everything a traveler could want, and more.

Whether you need additional travel guidance for Tahiti or you wish to book one of AAA’s world-class French Polynesia travel packages, get in touch with AAA today to speak with a seasoned travel agent.

AAA has been in the business of curating high-end travel experiences for decades and uses its knowledge to create vacation packages to accommodate and reflect the needs and desires of every traveler.

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