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Best Pacific Northwest Snow Destinations

3 Ways to Enjoy the Pacific Northwest Snow

What’s your favorite snow activity? If you’re looking for fun snow play and great destinations, we have you covered. Find our recommendations for the best places where you can kick off your future snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or snowmobiling adventure, all while you immerse yourself in the Pacific Northwest’s stunning views.

Snowmobiling near Lolo Pass
Snowmobiling at Lolo Pass in Montana. Photo by Visit Montana.

7 Great Snowmobiling Places

Winter is when many Pacific Northwest residents retreat indoors, waiting for warmer weather to explore the natural wonders of the region. For snowmobilers, the falling snow creates a buzz of excitement, knowing that snow adventures are just around the corner. The snow may limit outdoor exploration on foot, but those with a snow-machine will revel in riding and taking in backcountry views.

Sunset over the snowy Cascade Mountains
Sunset over the snowy Cascade Mountain Valley. Photo by Ryan C. Slimak/Getty Images

Best Cross-Country Skiing Destinations

The winter wonderlands of Washington are a sight to behold, made more impressive when experiencing them on foot. Those with cross-country skis find themselves wonderstruck at the blankets of snow covering everything in sight. In every corner of the Evergreen State there are world-class snow destinations, offering breathtaking views and fun adventures for all levels of skiers.

Snowshoer near Mount Baker
Cross-country skiing near Artist Point at Mount Baker. Photo by EDB3_16/Getty Images.

5 Snowshoeing Destinations

Although one can snowshoe anywhere there is snow, we complied a list of some great spots that capture the spirit of Washington’s winter months. Check out our recommendations across the Cascades, plus eastern Washington and the Olympic Peninsula.

–Written by Douglas Scott, last updated in September 2022

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