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Uncover Great Perks of AAA Washington Membership

Travel savings, event tickets, gas discounts—take advantage of member benefits

Why become a AAA Washington member? Here are just a handful of reasons to get a AAA Washington membership. 

  • Generous savings on insurance, travel, gas, rental cars, hotels, restaurants and more.
  • Access to hard-to-get-tickets for concerts, shows or sports events—and you get discounts, too;
  • Feeling secure on the road knowing battery service or roadside assistance can help, day or night;

Your AAA Washington membership can pay for itself many times over. And we at AAA Washington encourage all members to get the very most out of their membership. So, let’s cover some of the lesser-known perks of your membership. 

A family of four checks into a hotel, to illustrate hotel discounts and the benefits of a AAA Washington membership.
You can get generous savings on hotel and motel rates with a AAA Washington membership. Photo: AdobeStock

10 Great Benefits of AAA Washington Membership

1. Save on hotels. Need a place to stay? Your AAA Washington membership unlocks discounts of up to 15% at hotel and motel chains in Washington state, around the country and the globe. Just a few of our partners include Best Western, Hilton, Hampton Inn, Hyatt Hotels, JW Marriott, Renaissance Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton hotels & Resorts, and more.

Bonus: Members get discounts of up to 10% on food and non-alcoholic drinks at restaurants, such as the Hard Rock Café and Joe’s Crab Shack. 

2. Save on rental cars. You can also find great deals with national rental companies. Hertz offers up to 20% off the base rate and up to 35% off EV rentals, plus will waive the fee for additional drivers. Plus, every AAA Washington membership includes free Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Membership.

Meanwhile, Thrifty Car Rental gives you an 8% discount on car rentals and 10% off navigation units. Dollar Rent A Car offers a discount of 10% off a car rental and 10% off the cost of a navigation unit. The bottom line: AAA members don’t pay full price for rental cars. 

3. AAA Tickets. Whether you are hitting a major theme park, planning to see a Broadway show in the Big Apple or catch your favorite sport’s team in Seattle, you can get big savings by booking with AAA Tickets. Planning a family friendly vacation with the kids? Save anywhere from 15%-30% and more at major theme parks, like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort and LEGOLAND. Plus, you can also find tickets using AAA Tickets to big concerts that have sold out on other ticket platforms. 

A toddler rides a merry go round, to illustrate the savings that you can get from AAA Tickets. Access to AAA Tickets is included in your AAA Washington membership, and offers up to a 30% discount on admission to major theme parks around the country.
Access to AAA Tickets is included in your AAA Washington membership, and offers up to a 30% discount on admission to major theme parks around the country. Photo: AdobeStock

4. Save on insurance. One of the many perks members receive is a discount from several insurance companies that partner with AAA Washington. You can save as much as 8% on car insurance. Plus, you can tap into expert advice from experienced AAA Washington agents that will find the best policies for your needs, including car, home, flood, earthquake, umbrella or life insurance. If you’re a AAA Washington member, find an agent near you or request a quote.

5. Emergency bicycle service. Did you know that if your bicycle/e-bike breaks down, you can call us for help? Yes, that’s right. Just like with your car, we will respond if you have a bicycle breakdown. If you are in an area where our tow trucks can go, we’ll pick you and your disabled bike up and drive you where you need to go. Your AAA Washington membership includes the same towing mileage as your car (5 miles with a Classic membership, 100 miles for Plus/Premier and one 200-mile tow for Premier members). 

A man and a woman stop their bike ride to check on one of the bikes, to illustrate how a AAA Washington membership qualifies members for a bicycle service.
Your AAA Washington membership includes emergency roadside assistance if your bicycle/e-bike breaks down on the road. Photo: AdobeStock

6. Identity theft protection. Every AAA Washington membership includes for free identity theft protection from Experian. The features include credit monitoring, assistance with canceling credit and debit cards if your wallet is lost or stolen, and fraud resolution support if someone does steal your identity and you need help. Additionally, AAA Washington Premier members can automatically qualify for up to $10,000 in identity theft insurance if money is stolen out of an account. 

7. Fuel Delivery. AAA Washington will also bring fuel to you if you run out of gas. We’ll deliver enough fuel so you can get to the nearest gas station. Classic members are charged the current pump prices; there is no fuel charge for Plus and Premier members.  

A AAA service provider delivers fuel to a woman stranded on the road, to illustrate one of the perks of a AAA Washington membership.
AAA Washington will deliver fuel to you if you run out of gas as one of the perks of a AAA Washington membership. Photo: AAA Washington

8. Tap into more great discounts. Gas, auto parts, T-Mobile cell service, pet products, flowers — with a AAA Washington membership, you qualify for a vast array of discounts. Need office supplies? Members save up to 75% on preferred products at Office Depot/Office Max stores and online. Feeling hungry? Order from HelloFresh and receive 55% off your first box and 15% for 51 weeks thereafter. Need a gift for a co-worker? Order a gift basket and save 20% from 1-800-Baskets. The discounts are too numerous to name. See the full list here

9. Battery Service. Another big part of AAA Washington’s roadside assistance program is a free battery service. If you can’t get your car started at home or around town, we’ll come to you, test your battery and provide a jumpstart. Depending on where you are, we can also replace the battery during the service call—and you’ll get a member-only discounted price on the battery. Plus, AAA has thousands of AAA-affiliated Auto Repair shops across the country, where you can receive a discount of up to 10% on repair labor. 

10. AAA Washington Roadside Assistance. If you get into an accident, have a flat or break down, you can call us and we will tow you for up to 5 to 200 miles depending on your membership level. Under most circumstances, we can also winch you out of a ditch or other tough spot, or help you open your car door if you lock the keys inside. Roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year. 

These are just some ways you can save with your AAA Washington membership. But this is just the beginning. Before you head out on your next adventure, be sure to check out all the ways you can save on a road trip with AAA membership, plus how to get a great price on shows, concerts and sporting events with AAA Tickets.

—Written by AAA Washington Staff

—Top photo: AdobeStock

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Before you go: Get ready for your road trip with a AAA Membership. Get peace-of-mind on the road plus travel and insurance services and much more.

Save on hotels and rental cars: Unlock savings on hotels with a AAA membership. Plus, AAA members save up to 20% with Hertz.

Save on car insurance: AAA members save up to 8% on car insurance.

Get battery service: AAA Mobile Battery Service uses state-of-the-art technology to accurately diagnose battery-related problems. We’ll even replace your battery with a brand-new one if necessary, at a special member price.

Save with AAA member discounts: AAA membership gives you access to exclusive entertainment discounts nationwide.

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