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Family Cruises: The Perfect Family Vacation

Family in front of a cruise ship
Family in front of a cruise ship. Photo by Andy Dean/Adobestock.

Family cruises are one of the best ways to spend quality time with your loved ones. Despite this, finding kid friendly cruises can be quite a challenge. Some cruise lines prioritize making cruises enjoyable for adult passengers, without giving much thought to younger age groups.

AAA’s team of travel specialists understands that experiences abroad during childhood are extremely valuable and that kids of all ages deserve access to travel. For this reason, AAA offers curated family-friendly cruises where passengers of all ages can experience the magic of travel.

Whether you are looking for luxury or affordable family cruises for your next adventure, keep reading or contact one of AAA’s specialized travel agents today.

Kids on a cruise
Kids on a cruise. Photo by Marzanna Syncerz/Adobestock.

Why Family Cruises Are the Best Way to Travel

Why are cruises considered one of the best methods of travel for families?

Curated, kid-friendly cruises take the stress out of travel by ensuring that activities, food and entertainment are all accessible and enjoyable for families with household members of all ages.

Family cruises combine all the fun of a traditional vacation and add in a splash of luxury. Parents can kick back and enjoy sunbathing with a cocktail in hand while their kids splash around in the pool or enjoy other onboard activities.

Not only is traveling via cruise ship a lavish experience for adult passengers, but it’s also sure to be a memorable one for kid passengers as well. With countless activities at their fingertips and inclusive, kid-friendly on-shore excursions at most ports, your kids are sure to have the time of their lives cruising the high seas. 

Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace
Vienna’s Schonbrunn Palace. Photo by Timelynx/Adobestock.

Family Cruise Packages by AAA

When it comes to family cruise deals, AAA offers some of the best family cruises on the market. The itineraries of each are curated to ensure that those traveling with kids and teenagers have meaningful experiences while onboard and ashore.

Whether your goal is spending most of your time aboard basking in the comfort of your luxury cruise or meandering through historic alleyways and forests, AAA has a family-friendly cruise package that’ll intrigue each member of your household.

The following sections detail some of AAA’s best cruises for families looking for the perfect getaway for their tribe. Please note that specific dates, amenities and itineraries are subject to change.

Holiday Magic: Danube Family River Cruise (Westbound)

Destinations on this magical seven-day cruise include Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Hungary. Families on this cruise experience the magic of the holidays by visiting European towns and cities that are truly passionate about the season.

Discover Europe’s time-honored holiday traditions by exploring cities paved with history, glistening Christmas markets and by immersing yourself in the sights, flavors and sounds of the season.

Some notable, kid-friendly activities on this cruise include medieval games and a scavenger hunt in Old Town Bratislava.

Family Fun Along The Seine: Paris To Normandy

Float lazily down the River Seine as you enjoy the ambiance of Paris with your loved ones. Travel through time as you take in the gardens of Giverny, Normandy’s famed beaches and the marvelous galleries of the Louvre.

Although this cruise is ideal for families with older children or kids with a deep interest in art, it’s not without its charms for younger children as well. Kid passengers on this cruise can enjoy a guided walking or cycling tour by the Seine as well as an art-themed scavenger hunt in the Louvre. 

Castles on the Rhine: Family Riverboat Adventure (Southbound)

Watch your kids’ eyes light up as they catch their first glimpses of centuries-old European castles from a riverboat deck. Explore the ruins of Heidelberg Castle, indulge in luxurious fondue and chocolate tasting and wander the corridors of the Van Gogh Museum on this seven-day European adventure.

Destinations on this riverboat cruise include Germany, Netherlands, France and Switzerland — each country adding its own unique flavor to your itinerary.

Bon Voyage! France Family River Cruise

Explore Parisian streets, bathed in history and culture, arm in arm with your loved ones on this seven-day family cruise.

During this cruise, you and your family will be able to experience true Parisian life and pastimes — exploring local landmarks, cycling the cobblestone streets, indulging in many boulangerie delights and visiting neighboring French cities like Lyon and Provence.

A favorite activity for kids on this cruise is learning to paint like revered French artists — using chocolate instead of paints!

Douro Discovery: A Family River Cruise in Portugal & Madrid

Each region visited on this nine-day cruise is steeped in history and overflowing with culture — allowing passengers to indulge in the sights, smells and tastes of Portugal at every stop. Passenger excursions include kayaking on the Douro River, cycling the trails of Vinho Verde county and exploring opulent vineyards in wine-famous regions.

Whether your family is passionate about nature, food, art, history or architecture, this cruise is equipped with something for everyone.

Christmas Markets Along the Danube (Westbound)

There are few better ways to experience the magic of the holiday season than by visiting some of Europe’s legendary Christmas markets. Christmas markets in Germany and Austria are an intrinsic tradition that stretches back 700 years and is inseparably entwined in the present-day culture.

Every child should get to experience the twinkling lights, spiced scents and joyous atmosphere of a European Christmas market at least once. And AAA’s Danube River cruise is the ideal way to do it.

Royal Caribbean — Mexico Cruises

With the longest high-seas water slide aboard, this cruise is sure to offer endless entertainment to passengers with kids. Besides visiting some of the most beautiful regions of Mexico, the ship is equipped with everything a family needs to stay amused during this three or seven-day cruise.

Child on a cruise shop
Child on a cruise ship. Photo by Andy Dean/Adobestock.

Best Cruise Lines for Families

Some of the best cruise lines for families are ones that prioritize experiences for every age of passenger. Kids don’t want to spend several days or weeks aboard a vessel that is curated solely for adult travelers, so the best cruises are those that provide various activities for every age group.

AAA partners only with the best, most inclusive cruise lines. While some cruise packages offered by AAA are geared toward adult passengers, many cruises also come with several entertainment options and activities for younger passengers, such as splash pools, water slides, interactive exhibits and more.

Contact AAA About Our Family Package Cruise Deals Today

AAA is proud to offer premium family cruise packages to ensure that your next vacation is one of a kind. Each of our cruises is tailored to maximize your time aboard as a family and help you walk away with a trove of fond memories and fun experiences.

If you need assistance selecting the best family cruise for your family or you’d like to learn more about a specific cruise offered by AAA, get in touch with one of AAA’s seasoned travel agents today. The team at AAA would be delighted to hear from you and help you choose the best package for your family and situation.

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