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Caribbean Cruises

Cruz Bay St. John
Cruz Bay St. John

Cruises to the Caribbean can be life-changing experiences. People love traveling to the Caribbean for the warm temperatures, exciting activities, beautiful vistas and the departure from the ordinary.

With over 13 unique countries in the Caribbean, there is no shortage of adventure for travelers with any level of experience.

And if you’re planning on heading into the Caribbean, what better way to experience these beautiful islands than by boat? You’ll get the maximum out of your island experience as you hit all of the stops.

As your resident travel authority at AAA Washington, we’re committed to helping our guests see the world and have wonderful travel experiences.

Whether you’re a veteran cruiser or are new to the world of cruises, see Caribbean cruise deals to help you make your next cherished memories. Note that dates, amenities and itineraries are subject to change.

Snorkeling at the Caribbeans
Snorkeling at the Caribbeans. Photo by ExtremePhotographer/Getty Images.

What Makes Caribbean Cruises So Special

Caribbean cruises are a bit of a different breed than other types of cruises. It’s clear that the Caribbean is one of the most ideal places to cruise. But why? Well, there are a few reasons.

1. Ideal for Year-Round Cruising

The wonderful tropical climates of the Caribbean give cruisers an extremely long vacation window. The Caribbean enjoys balmy breezes, temperate waters, ideal temperatures and nearly year-round sun.

Typically, the first six months of the year are the “dry season” with a much lighter rainfall. The latter half of the year experiences heavier rainfall but can be so varied that there is virtually always an island with plenty of sun.

2. Customizable Trips and Itineraries

Caribbean cruises are immensely versatile. With so many ports in the Caribbean, ships are easily capable of rescheduling their voyage to avoid inclement weather or other concerns.

Keep in mind that a cruise ship sometimes needs to quickly pivot and set sail for a new port. The alternative could mean calling your trip early.

3. Caribbean Cruises Are Full of New Sights

Those who have been on cruises to Caribbean islands know that there is a special X factor that differentiates them above all others. From the Virgin Islands to Antigua, there are dozens of different islands that you can experience.

The Caribbean is incredibly culturally diverse, so no two experiences are ever the same. Each area comes with exotic foods, history, art, music and scenic vistas that are truly one of a kind. With multiple stops in all kinds of different ports, you’re guaranteed to make countless new discoveries.

4. Easy Embarking From Multiple Ports

Many cruise lines sail the Caribbean, departing from a diverse array of ports that include:

  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Alabama
  • Puerto Rico
  • Florida

Flexibility goes a long way when planning a cruise, so ease of departure to the Caribbean undoubtedly plays a factor in many tourists’ travel plans.

5. Amazing Experiences on Land or Sea

The Caribbean comes loaded with unbelievable backdrops that leave cruise passengers in awe. Aquamarine waters, otherworldly sunrises and sunsets, and beautiful island views form the backdrop of your journey. On land, you’ll also be able to enjoy beautiful tropical foliage and incredibly diverse ecological life. The Caribbean is home to hundreds of species of butterflies, birds, fish and mammals.

One other bonus is that you also will be presented with opportunities to swim with dolphins, explore coral reefs or scuba dive. If making new discoveries is a “must” for your next trip, the Caribbean has what you’re seeking.

Antigua. Photo by CWorthy/Getty Images.

Caribbean Cruise Deals

By now, you’re probably itching to get on a boat and voyage into the Caribbean. Fortunately, there are countless wonderful Caribbean cruise deals available at any given time of the year. Prices for your next cruise to the Caribbean can vary depending on multiple factors, including:

  • How many islands you plan to visit
  • When you plan to embark
  • The number of excursions that you want to go on
  • What port you wish to embark from
  • The number of passengers in your party

There is certainly a Caribbean cruise deal that’s right for you. Typically, Caribbean cruises are divided into one of two main categories:

First, there is the Eastern Caribbean cruise.

And second, is the Western Caribbean cruise.

Each category gives you access to something a little different and includes unique stops along the way.

St. Kitts Port Zante
St. Kitts Port Zante, Photo by Mikolajn/Getty Images.

Eastern Caribbean Cruise

One of our favorite examples of an Eastern Caribbean cruise is the 8-Day Eastern Caribbean with St. Kitts, offered by Princess Cruises. Here are some of the key details on this cruise:

  • Eight days, four ports
  • Embark from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Affordable round-trip options
  • Amazing underwater and land excursions
  • Views of volcanoes, beaches, and more

St. Kitts is a large historic port that will be a key stop along your Eastern Caribbean cruise. The entire journey spans the full loop of the Caribbean’s eastern islands and affords a full scope of the islands’ flavor. If you’re interested in learning more about this cruise, talk with one of AAA cruise specialists.

Mahogany Bay at Roatan Island
Mahogany Bay at Roatan Island. Photo by Solar737/Getty Images.

Western Caribbean Cruise

There is no shortage of cruise excursions and activities to enjoy on a Western Caribbean Cruise — both on land and sea. Carnival Cruises’ 5-Day Western Caribbean from Tampa, Florida, for example, centers on the hidden gem of the Caribbean, Mahogany Bay. This cruise packs a scenic punch in just five days.

If you’ve done an Eastern Caribbean cruise, you definitely need to complete the circuit by enjoying the Western Caribbean too! And if you’ve never cruised to the Caribbean before, Mahogany Bay is a great place to start.

Lovango Cay, Virigin Islands
Lovango Cay in Virgin Island. Photo by CDWheatley/Getty Images.

Best Caribbean Cruise

Deciding the best Caribbean cruise is a difficult decision, especially if you’ve never voyaged into the Caribbean Sea before.

Our travel specialists are here to make sure that your next trip is an unforgettable one.

If you have questions about traveling into the Caribbean, we can help. We can customize an itinerary that is perfect for you.

If you’re starting to dream of beautiful sunrises, exotic culture, warm temperatures and revelatory new discoveries, you’re ready to head into the Caribbean. Let us help plan your next trip!

Click here to get in touch, and you’ll be ready to set sail.

Book Your Caribbean Cruise

AAA is here to help make your cruise an unforgettable one. Whether you opt for a short trip around the islands or a more extensive stay, there’s an itinerary for you. To begin planning your rejuvenating Caribbean adventure, contact a AAA agent today.

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