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Caribbean Travel

Caribbean travel offers adventurers some of the most exotic, exhilarating and mesmerizing experiences that can be had abroad.

Due to the sheer number of islands that dot the Caribbean, there are many and varied cultures, landscapes, local dishes and traditions throughout this tropical paradise.

Whether you are looking for the best Caribbean travel destinations for your family vacation, honeymoon or cruise, continue reading or get in touch with AAA to book your luxury adventure with a reputable travel agency.

1. Labadee Zipline Dragons Breath Flight Line cr ROYAL CARIBBEAN
Labadee Zipline Dragons Breath Flight Line, Haiti. Photo from Royal Caribbean

Best Caribbean Travel Deals by AAA

AAA Travel is a world-renowned travel agency and resource that strives to create travel excursions that appeal to all types of adventurers.

Whether your travel style is upscale, lavish and carefree or off-the-beaten-path, laid-back and authentic, AAA offers various curated Caribbean travel packages to satiate your wanderlust.

The following sections contain some of AAA’s most unforgettable excursions to destinations throughout the Caribbean. Please note that specific dates, amenities and itineraries are subject to change.

Caribbean Cruise by Royal Caribbean

Imposing mountains, prolific rainforests, ivory sands and turquoise waters surround passengers around the clock on this seven-day Royal Caribbean cruise. This lavish cruise gives travelers a diverse and thrilling experience in one of the most magical regions of the globe. Excursions include zip-lining through lush rainforests, exploring the captivating history of ancient and colonial towns, wildlife viewing and uncovering mist-shrouded waterfalls deep in secluded nature.

Caribbean Cruise by Celebrity Cruises

Join this tropical escape into the Caribbean where craggy cliffs, diamond sands, aquamarine oceans and volcanic beaches are waiting to be discovered around every bend.

The Caribbean is made up of more than 100 inhabited islands, teeming with diverse cultures, flora, fauna and intriguing histories. Aboard this culturally rich cruise, you’ll be able to get a taste of several of the Caribbean’s unique flavors as you island-hop through paradise.

Caribbean Cruise by Royal Caribbean

Capture the beauty of the Caribbean aboard this weeklong Royal Caribbean cruise. Enjoy thrilling, luxurious and authentic excursions at each port of call on your itinerary, while also indulging in the ship’s abundant amenities while at sea.

Mexico and Caribbean Cruise by Princess

Want a double portion of balmy beaches, azure oceans and delectable dining opportunities? Embark on this eight-day cruise to the Caribbean and Mexico with Princess Cruises.

On this immersive voyage, you will discover Mayan treasures, some of Mother Nature’s finest landscapes and the bustling vibrancy of colorful coastal cities.

Explore the Mexican Riviera, Cabo, La Paz and Loreto as you indulge in all the margaritas your heart desires while sunbathing on sunny shores.

Caribbean Fine Travel by Journese

This upscale visit to the Caribbean is luxury personified.

Every aspect of this vacation package is curated by travel connoisseurs with the utmost care and attention to even the most minute details. The excursions are of premium quality, each transfer is private and convenient, and all amenities are luxuriant.

8. Cheapest San Juan Puerto Rico tower of Castillo San Felipe del Morro cr Maridav AdobeStock
Castillo San Felipe del Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico. From Maridav/AdobeStock

Cheapest Places to Travel in the Caribbean

While the Caribbean is thought of as a luxury destination, traveling to its tropical shores doesn’t need to break the bank.

For budget-conscious adventurers, the Caribbean has various destinations that make for cost-effective, enjoyable and memorable travel experiences.

If you are in search of places to travel in the Caribbean that are cost-effective and yield a casual, authentic experience, here are five Caribbean islands that won’t break the bank:

  1. Dominican Republic
  2. Jamaica
  3. Barbados
  4. Puerto Rico
  5. Curacao
2. Celebrity Cruises Antigua Cruzoe Island Escape PricklyPear Credit Celebrity Cruises
On the beach in Antigua. From Celebrity Cruises

Best Time to Travel to the Caribbean

Due to a tropical climate, the Caribbean is balmy all year round and has an average high of 82 degrees — even during the rainy months. The rainiest time of the year is from June to November (this is also when hurricanes are common in the Caribbean).

If you want to catch the islands during their dry, warm months, plan your vacation between February and May (making sure to avoid spring break if you hope to dodge the crowds).

10. Caribbean cuisine By Fanfo AdobeStock
Caribbean Cuisine. Photo by Fanto/AdobeStock

Caribbean Travel Advice: 15 Tips

As with all travel, preparation is key in ensuring that your safety and comfort are prioritized. Without careful planning, a trip to the Caribbean could be uncomfortable, unpleasant and stressful.

If this is your first time traveling to the Caribbean, here are 15 tips for making your adventure as stress-free and convenient as possible.

  1. Pack insect repellent and sunscreen.
  2. Avoid drinking tap water as it is unsafe to drink in many places in the Caribbean.
  3. Pack a swimsuit, beach towel and beach umbrella.
  4. Pack comfortable clothes that are good in warm, humid climates (opt for breathable, moisture, wicking fabrics).
  5. Pack one semi-formal outfit if you intend to dine at an upscale restaurant during your vacation.
  6. Pack your patience and enjoy the experience of being on “island time.”
  7. Don’t rely too much on cell service as it is unreliable in many places around the Caribbean.
  8. Get a taste for the places you visit by indulging in food and drinks that are local to the region.
  9. Make a vacation budget and calculate your trip expenses prior to leaving.
  10. Go snorkeling or diving and uncover the diverse range of marine life that abounds in the Caribbean.
  11. Book a tour with a local guide to gain insider knowledge of your destination.
  12. Avoid overpacking as this will only make your trip inconvenient.
  13. Show respect for the local culture and nature that surrounds you.
  14. Get travel insurance (this is generally a good idea regardless of where you’re traveling to).
  15. Double-check your itinerary and connections, and confirm all lodging and activity bookings prior to departure.

Connect With a World-Class Caribbean Travel Agency Today

Ready to travel to the Caribbean and experience all that this tropical paradise has to offer? If you are in search of the best travel packages to the Caribbean, get in touch with AAA today. For decades, AAA travel connoisseurs have worked tirelessly to curate vacation packages and experiences around the globe.

By booking through a trusted travel agency, you will get the most out of your travels and reduce the amount of stress you might face in coordinating the vacation on your own.

To book your premium Caribbean vacation or to speak with an expert travel agent, get in touch with AAA today.

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