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Adventures in Spain

Adventures in Spain are diverse, intense, flavorful and vibrant.

This colorful, culturally diverse destination is filled with experiences that intrigue, captivate and amuse travelers of every background from every corner of the world.

If you have recently decided to take a trip in Spain and are intrigued by unique accommodations and experiences, get in touch with AAA to speak with a knowledgeable travel expert about your upcoming trip.

Porto Portugal Old Town
Porto Portugal Old Town and Douro River, Portugal. Photo by DaLiu/Getty Images

Adventures in Spain by AAA

Spain adventures come in many formats, focuses, price points and travel styles.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury cruise down one of Europe’s famed rivers, seeking endless hours wandering Spanish vineyards or experiencing the diverse cultures that dot the Mediterranean, AAA has a premium Spain adventure that is perfect for you.

The following sections outline some of the most immersive, exciting travel packages to Spain that are available for adventure travelers. Please note that specific dates, amenities and itineraries are subject to change.

Portugal, Spain and The Douro River Valley

This 11-day, boutique Spanish cruise introduces culturally curious travelers to terraced hillsides, charming riverside villages, acres of vineyards and stunning landscapes at every bend in the Douro River.

During your river cruise, you will indulge in lavish traditional fare and private tastings of only the most esteemed port. You will marvel at UNESCO-designated regions, wander the alleyways of Salamanca and end your journey in San Francisco’s sister city — Lisbon.

Iconic Western Mediterranean

Experience the opulent and diverse cultures of several Mediterranean regions on this eight-day tour of some of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

Enjoy the varying architecture and landmarks of Tuscany, Barcelona, Rome and Montpellier. Taste the culinary wonders of the Mediterranean by sampling the local cuisine at each destination.

The itinerary for this vacation package is as follows:

  • Day 1: Rome, Italy. On the first day of your adventure, you will board your ship in Civitavecchia and get acquainted with the vessel and your fellow passengers.
  • Days 2 and 3: Florence and Pisa, Italy. Spend a day touring Pisa, or explore both Pisa and Florence jointly on your second and third days aboard this immersive Mediterranean adventure.
  • Day 4: Monte Carlo, Monaco. Monaco is a sovereign principality nestled between France and Italy and possesses a culture quite distinct from its two neighbors. Known as the home to the wealthy and famous of Europe, Monaco is an upscale destination filled with charm, seafront views and breathtaking cityscapes.
  • Day 5: Marseille, France. The oldest city in France, Marseille radiates historic intrigue, culture and beauty through every street and corner shop. During your day in the coastal city, you will be able to visit the church of Notre Dame de la Garde, Aix-en-Provence and Palais Longchamp to get a taste of all the city has to offer.
  • Day 6: Montpellier, France. Visit the Place de la Comédie and enjoy the historic, picturesque square punctuated by other sightseers and locals. Or stroll by Montpellier Cathedral and appreciate the gothic structure in its magnificence.
  • Days 7 and 8: Barcelona, Spain. Finish off your Mediterranean tour in Barcelona, a city famed for its vibrance, culinary delights and vivid, gothic architecture.

Concierge Grand World Voyage

Rather than focusing entirely on traveling to Spain, why not do a grand tour of the entire globe?

Expand your horizons and travel to Australia, Cayman Islands, French Polynesia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Mauritius, Morocco, Spain, Tonga and more on this multi-month escapade. Journey to some of the globe’s most gorgeous cities and landscapes, experiencing unique cultures on every shore.

While trips to Spain will most certainly broaden your understanding of its culture, circumnavigating the globe will leave you a changed person.

And, when you’re not enjoying the world’s most famed cities or participating in onshore excursions, you will be relaxing on the ornate, Zuiderdam — one of Holland America Line’s luxuriant cruise ships.

You will enjoy onboard activities, pleasant crew, fellow passengers — soon to be friends — and only the finest dining on the high seas.

1. or 2. Park Guell by Antonio Gaudi Barcelona Spain By Mari79 AdobeStock
Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain. By Mari79/AdobeStock

Top Things to Do in Spain

Due to the effervescent culture, delectable cuisine and immersive activities in Spain, travelers to the region will end their vacation with a greater appreciation for this wonderful European nation.

Five of the top things to do during vacations in Spain include:

  1. La Sagrada Familia is an unfinished basilica in Barcelona that was designed by renowned architect, Antoni Gaudí.
  2. Museo Nacional del Prado is the national art museum of Spain and located in Madrid.
  3. Timanfaya National Park is a volcanic soil national park located in the Canary Islands.
  4. Park Güell is a park built between 1900 and 1914 and dedicated to artist Antoni Gaudí. This space showcases all the vibrant imagery that was conceived in the mind of a truly great artist.
  5. Canary Islands is an archipelago with eight main islands dotting the Atlantic Ocean west of Morocco.
Cotton House Hotel Barcelona credit
Cotton House Hotel, Barcelona. From

Most Beautiful Spain Vacation Spots

If you are a fan of boutique lodging, pervasive charm, idyllic locations and unique accommodations, here are three of Spain’s best hotels that will enhance your vacation and ensure you have a good time.

Hotel Las Casas de La Judería: A Sevillian-style hotel with 134 rooms, verdant gardens, more than 40 patios and labyrinthine walkways wending between buildings, this intimate, upscale hotel offers a unique experience for travelers who want to indulge in luxury while still experiencing authenticity at their destination.

Grand Hotel Central: A boutique, five-star luxury hotel on the verge of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter offering the embodiment of grandeur, with elegant suites, upscale dining and a rooftop sky bar where guests can get views of the city.

Cotton House Hotel: A five-star, historic building, the Cotton House Hotel is located in Barcelona and possesses an intriguing history that is represented throughout the hotel in its intricate architecture and chambers.

Street food in San Fermin feast Pamlona Navarra Spain Paella by Khorzhevska AdobeStock
Paella feast in Pamplona, Spain. By Khorzhevska/AdobeStock

Local Tours in Spain

While spontaneity will lead you to some of the best things to do in Spain, planned activities are also highly immersive, entertaining and rewarding.

If you enjoy planning ahead and would like to splurge on a few local tours while in Spain, here are five of the best tours to try during Spain vacations.

  • Join a food tour in Madrid.
  • Meet up with a cycling group and explore Catalonia via bicycle.
  • Do a walking tour around Barcelona.
  • Embark on a classy wine tour through Rioja.
  • Explore the street markets in Madrid.

Book Your Spain Adventure With AAA Today

If you are ready to embark on a memorable, buoyant and adventure-filled holiday in Spain, book one of AAA’s premium Spain packages today.

For decades, AAA’s team of travel connoisseurs have worked to curate vacations around the globe that intrigue, educate and inspire travelers to be more curious and adventurous.

Whether your travel style is authentic and off-the-beaten-track, or upscale and luxuriant, AAA has a travel package that will showcase all the best that Spain has to offer.

Get in touch with AAA today to speak with a travel agent or to book your world-class Spanish tour with a reputable travel company.

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