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New Cruise Ships Today and Beyond

New cruise ships set sail on their maiden voyages with immense fanfare, elegance and nearly electric excitement.

After an initial introduction to the high seas, new cruise ships undergo an interval of inaugural sailing, which typically lasts for the whole year following their maiden voyage. Inaugural cruises are characterized by triumphal celebration at each port of call, epicurean dining and lavish upscale experiences.

If you’ve decided that this is the year that you will embark in a new ship on its inaugural voyage, read on to discover which new ships will be sailing the high seas.

New Cruise Ships

Whether you are planning a trip to the Caribbean, Europe, Alaska or South America, world-class cruise lines are launching pristine new ships that offer itineraries curated to perfection.

The following sections detail some of the latest and greatest vessels that will be taking to the high seas. Please keep in mind that specific dates, amenities and itineraries are subject to change.

Enchanted Princess
Photo courtesy of Enchanted Princess

New Princess Cruise Ship

Enchanted Princess is an exquisite new ship with a diverse range of lavish restaurants, world-class entertainment by top performers and dazzling staterooms.

On top of all these luxuries, the ship is home to the largest at-sea balcony (over 1,000 square-feet) which showcases panoramic 250-degree views of the ocean and cityscape.

Some restaurants aboard Enchanted Princess include:

  • Gigi’s Pizzeria
  • The Salty Dog Grill
  • Ocean Terrace
  • International Cafe
  • Chocolate Journeys

The ship also offers an afternoon tea (hosted in the dining room) complete with divine desserts, an array of fragrant teas and fresh tea sandwiches.

New Cruiseship Eastern Caribbean Barbados mbrand85 AdobeStock
Eastern Caribbean. Photo by mbrand85/AdobeStock

New Holland America Cruise Ship

Holland America Line, now celebrating 150 years sailing the high seas on transatlantic voyages, is commemorating the occasion by launching the Rotterdam VII in 2022.

In 1872, Rotterdam I embarked on its maiden voyage from Rotterdam to New York. Now 150 years later, Holland America Line seeks to recreate the fanfare, elegance and electricity of that original voyage.

Rotterdam VII will make ports of call that mirror Rotterdam I’s voyage. These stops include Plymouth, England, New York City and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Other cruises that the Rotterdam VII has made include:

  • A 14-day cruise in Western and Southern Caribbean
  • A 13-day cruise in tropical Southern Caribbean
  • A 14-day cruise in Southern and Eastern Caribbean
  • A week-long Eastern Caribbean cruise
Seabourn Quest docked in Tromso Norway Seabourn
Seabourn Quest. Photo courtesy of Seabourn

New Seabourn Cruise Ship

Designed to carry connoisseurs of cruising to fascinating destinations around the globe, Seabourn Venture is the epitome of luxury and style.

The ship features 132 verandas (which accompany all ocean-front suites); two custom-built submarines that take the immersive experiences of cruising to a whole new level; double sea kayaks; and 24 Zodiacs, which can comfortably accommodate all passengers aboard.

Seabourn Venture has five cruises planned through the year.

These include:

  • A round-trip voyage from Kobe, Japan: Volcanoes and Wildlife of the Kuril Islands.
  • Anchorage to Kobe: Kamchatka Coast and Kuril Islands.
  • Anchorage to Osaka: Wild Coasts Of Kamchatka.
  • Tromso, Norway, to Anchorage: Journey Across The Northeast Passage.
  • Tromso, Norway, to Anchorage: Franz Josef Land and Northeast.
New Cruiseships Oceania Vista Baltic Norway by Oceania Cruises 1
Oceania Vista. Photo courtesy of Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises New Cruise Ship

Oceania’s Vista focuses on culinary refinement and offers some of the best cuisine on the high seas.

Furnished to reflect a warm, welcoming ambiance, Vista has a splendid dining hall that mirrors the style of some of Europe’s grandest hotel restaurants. The grand dining room is adorned with hues of rich wood, elaborate tapestries and extravagant furniture — all tributes to decades past.

Offering a signature culinary experience, the dining hall serves a bevy of dishes from around the globe that include soups, salads, appetizers and at least 10 different entree options.

Specialty restaurants onboard include:

  • Toscana: Italian cuisine
  • Polo Grill: steakhouse and grill
  • Jacques: French cuisine
  • Red Ginger: Asian cuisine
  • Tuscan Steak: Italian steakhouse
  • Terrace Cafe: casual bites
  • Waves Grill: American grill
  • Horizons: afternoon tea
New Cruiseships The American Symphony
The American Symphony. Photo courtesy of

New American Cruise Lines Ships

American Cruise Lines released two new luxury riverboats in 2022 to cruise the Mississippi River.

Each riverboat is equipped with fitness centers, lavish lounges (both indoors and outdoors), an open-air skywalk, private balconies, sky-lit atriums and capacious staterooms.

Despite a rapid company expansion and adding to their fleet size, these riverboat cruises remain exclusive and lavish, as American Cruise Lines seeks to preserve their commitment to providing a boutique, intimate experience to their passengers.

The American Symphony. The American Symphony sailed on its maiden voyage on the Mississippi River in the summer 2022. This elegant and modern riverboat has 175-passenger capacity, and is designed to showcase regal aesthetics, panoramic views from the ship’s four-story glass atrium and spacious staterooms equipped with private balconies and large closets.

The American Serenade. The sister ship to the American Symphony, the American Serenade, also has a capacity of 175 and includes many of the same lavish features as her sister.

New Regent Seven Seas Cruises Ship

Seven Seas Splendor debuted in the fall of 2021 and continued her exhilarating inaugural voyage through 2022.

Designed to maximize both spaciousness and luxury, the elite Seven Seas Splendor perfectly embodies elegance. The ship possesses a curated collection of museum-quality artwork from more than 200 artists, which can be viewed in many of the ship’s public areas and guest suites.

New Azamara Cruise Ship

Hitting the high seas in spring 2022, the Azamara Onward embarked on its christening voyage starting in Monte Carlo and ending in Venice.

This cruise ship features itineraries that are truly country-intensive, allowing passengers ample time to explore, experience and immerse themselves in the countries where they dock.

Azamara Onward’s inaugural sailing will include voyages with week-long and fortnight itineraries to countries such as Italy, Croatia, Istanbul, Spain, Greece, Cappadocia and more. Explore the Mediterranean and beyond aboard this upscale, boutique cruise ship that touches on not only the marquee ports, but also some unique off-the-beaten-track destinations.

New Cruiseships Norwegion Cruise Lines
Photo courtesy of

New Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival’s new ship, Carnival Celebration, will make its first expedition from Miami, embarking on a memorable transatlantic voyage.

This Carnival new cruise ship is special for several reasons. First, there’s the name.

Carnival Celebration is not only a tribute to the original MS Celebration (which set sail 50 years ago in 1972), it’s also a reminder that a celebration is warranted. After nearly two years of travel restrictions, Carnival’s new ship will mark the return to world cruising.

The ship has six themed zones onboard that give passengers a diverse range of immersive and entertaining experiences.

Some of the unique onboard entertainment options include:

  • BOLT (Carnival Celebration’s onboard roller coaster)
  • Live Family Feud
  • Seuss at Sea
  • Playlist Productions

Carnival Celebration also places an emphasis on cuisine. Onboard dining opportunities are varied, delicious and exquisite, giving passenger many culinary options.

Some of Carnival Celebration’s premium onboard restaurants include:

  • RedFrog Tiki Bar
  • Bonsai Teppanyaki
  • Havana Bar
  • Guy’s Pig & Anchor Smokehouse | Brewhouse
  • Bonsai Sushi
  • Seafood Shack
  • The Chef’s Table

Not only are Carnival’s new cruise ships overflowing with dining and entertainment opportunities for every kind of traveler, the staterooms accommodate the varying needs of passengers.

Whether you’re traveling with kids and you want to stay in a Family Harbor Ocean View stateroom, or you and your partner want a Cloud 9 Spa stateroom, the Carnival Celebration has accommodations that are calling your name.

Some of the amenities you may have access to (depending on the stateroom you book) include:

  • Use of a Hydrotherapy Pool
  • Complimentary fitness classes
  • A dedicated room steward
  • Ample closet and drawer space
  • Complimentary meals for kids (at most onboard restaurants)
  • Board games and family movies
  • Climate control
  • Secure safe for personal valuables

New Norwegian Cruise Line Ship

Norwegian Prima took to the seas in the summer of 2022 to dazzle and expand the horizons of every passenger who embarks on one of the inaugural year expeditions.

Walk the Ocean Boulevard and take in the 360-degree panoramic views of eternal coastlines. Meander over the ship’s glass bridge, or take a dip at Infinity Beach (the ship’s onboard pools designed to make you feel as though you’re swimming in the ocean alongside the vessel).

Some of Prima’s world-class restaurants onboard include:

  • Onda By Scarpetta
  • Seaside Rotisserie
  • Indulge Outdoor Lounge
  • The Local Bar & Grill
  • Los Lobos
New Cruiseships Port of Kobe in Japan By orpheus26 AdobeStock
Port of Kobe, Japan. Photo courtesy of orpheus26/AdobeStock

What is an Inaugural Cruise?

While a maiden voyage refers to the very first voyage, an inaugural cruise or inaugural sailing can occur any time within the first year of the ship’s maiden voyage.

Inaugural cruises are generally lavish affairs, marked by the appearances of celebrities, fine dining, elegant attire, extravagant fanfare and novel onboard entertainment.

What Are the Benefits of Inaugural Year Sailing?

What makes inaugural sailing so special?

If you are considering taking an inaugural cruise, here are four of the biggest benefits:

  1. Embarking on an inaugural voyage is a once in a lifetime experience. Due to high demand and limited space aboard new ships, the available tickets for an inaugural voyage are much sought after.
  2. You may be able to witness the christening and naming of the new ship — an honor that many connoisseurs of cruising never get to experience.
  3. Many new cruise ships possess unique entertainment venues that have never been attempted aboard a ship before.
  4. The level of luxury and style that a new ship possesses is unmatched. Every aspect from the design of the staterooms, dining hall, furnishings, layout of the ship, and more, are elegance embodied.
New Cruiseships Dubrovnik Croatia by cge2010 Adobe Stock
Dubrovnik, Croatia. Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Reasons to Take a Cruise This Year

This is the year for cruising — of that there is little doubt.

Four of the most compelling reasons why you should book a cruise include:

  1. You deserve a cruise. Unleash your adventurous side. What better time could there be to rediscover the wonders of travel?
  2. Cruising is safer than other forms of travel. Cruise ships place a higher priority on making travel safer than many other modes of travel. The CDC regulates cruise ships to ensure that their health and safety codes are up to current standards. Cruise ships are also equipped with air filtration systems and self-cleaning areas that improve the cleanliness of the entire ship.
  3. Cruising is convenient. Cruises are one of the most convenient ways to get back into traveling as all ships are equipped with modern technology, amenities, and more. This makes the cruising experience one of the most relaxing and convenient ways to travel.
  4. Increased incentives. As cruise lines strive to achieve pre-pandemic ticket sales, many have decided to offer special cruise packages that include amenities that normally would only be acquired at an additional fee. These special packages may include various amenities, complimentary items, and conveniences that enhance the cruising experience.
New Cruiseships Enchanted Princess Balcony Gabe Nivera Princess Cruises
Photo courtesy of Gabe Nivera/Princess Cruises

Tips For Booking a Cruise

Booking a cruise has never been more convenient or exciting.

If you are booking your very first cruise, here are nine tips to help you have a great vacation that will leave you with fond memories and the desire to go cruising again and again.

  • Book early. Ideally, you should book your cruise as soon as you’ve decided that you want to go. This ensures that you get the best deal possible, and are able to secure a stateroom in the location where you want to be.
  • Choose your itinerary wisely. Choosing the right itinerary involves not only identifying what you hope to see and do during your cruise, but also what will produce the best vacation experience. Choosing an activity-intensive cruise might be the best option for a couple but may not be the wisest move for those with small children.
  • Pack appropriately. While it may be tempting to only pack for onboard life, it’s important to remember to also pack for the ports you will be visiting and the activities you hope to do while there.
  • Choose your room strategically. While interior rooms may be the most cost-effective option, they also lack a view of the ocean — which can be a major damper on your cruise experience. Strategically choosing your stateroom location is also important if you require a room with access to a nearby elevator.
  • Review the ship’s layout. Most cruise lines offer detailed layout drawings to help future passengers understand the features, amenities and general configurations of the ship before booking. This ensures that you can choose a cruise that has all the features you deem necessary to have the most comfortable, enjoyable trip possible.
  • Book with a travel agency. Partnering with a seasoned travel agency is the best way to ensure that all the stressful logistical details of planning a vacation are taken care of, so that you can relax and enjoy the journey.
  • Get travel insurance. Regardless of the type of travel, you should obtain travel insurance in case of an emergency. Travel insurance provides a safety net for your vacation and ensures that medical, logistical or cancellation issues are covered.
  • Choose your onshore excursions accordingly. Consider carefully what offshore excursions you’d like to take. Do some research on the most popular cruise excursions at each port of call, and book ones that interest you well in advance.
  • Relax and enjoy your cruise. Your first cruise will dramatically shape the way that you view vacations of this type in the future, so make the most out of your vacation by spending some quality time relaxing, indulging in good food and basking in the ambiance of travel.

Book Your Cruise With AAA

Whether you want to relax on ivory beaches in the Caribbean, float lazily down one of Europe’s prominent rivers or journey up the rugged coastlines of Alaska, AAA offers a premium cruise that is perfectly tailored to your wildest travel dreams.

AAA has been in the travel industry for more than a century and during that time has amassed a wealth of knowledge about the world’s most popular destinations.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned traveler or planning your very first cruise, partner with AAA to have the most extraordinary and elegant time of your life. Get in touch with AAA today to speak with a seasoned travel agent or to book your first inaugural cruise in 2022.

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