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Church on the Hill

Your Frame Iceland’s Víkurkirkja Church on hill RACHAEL JONES
Landscape in Víkurkirkja, Iceland, by Rachael Jones

Soft focus on Iceland’s Víkurkirkja in summer

AAA Washington member Rachael Jones saw it all on a seven-day tour of Iceland by bus, on foot, raft and even a turboprop airplane this past July. The jam-packed itinerary covered waterfalls, geysers, canyons, glacial rivers, the Blue Lagoon, and more sheep than she and her wife could count.

When they visited Reynisfjara’s famous black sand beach and basalt sea stacks, Jones was mesmerized by the softly waving grass that perfectly framed the church called Víkurkirkja.

“While strolling the beach, I happened to turn around and notice a little red and white building in the distance,” Jones says. “I try to challenge myself to search for a different viewpoint, a different angle on the same visual story. When we returned from our trip, I discovered the photo in my pile of edits and it caught my eye just as it did before.”

For those considering a trip to Iceland sometime, Jones recommends packing good shoes and plenty of snacks.

“One of the most beautiful things about Iceland is the miles and miles of wide-open spaces, and the long stretches of road that lead from one place to another. That’s the charm — it takes a while to get where you’re going,” Jones says.

“It’s important to fuel up, both your body and your car, beforehand and at every possible point,” she says. “As snacks and food can be rather pricey in Iceland, pack plenty of airport-friendly snacks in your suitcase, like protein bars, trail mix and fruit leathers to curb the need for any unnecessary and lengthy detours once you’re there.”

– This story originally appeared in the July/August 2020 edition of the AAA Washington member magazine, Journey.

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