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We Know Our North Star

In Colombia, if you run around the block as fast as you can with an empty suitcase on New Year’s Eve, it’s said to guarantee a year of travel. There is a lot to like about this superstition. It’s hopeful, optimistic and has a spirit for adventure.

I, personally, love that the suitcase is empty. That little detail transforms basic luggage into a vessel of opportunity waiting to be filled — like a new year. We wake up on January 1st wondering what new experiences the year ahead has for us.

Those experiences differ from year to year, but who we are and the values we hold typically stay the same or evolve at a much slower pace. Organizations are no different. For example, we at AAA Washington start each year with new plans and budgets, but how we treat our employees, members and partners only evolves to build on our core mission and values.

That’s why it’s significant that we recently updated our Guiding Principles — or what we consider “our values” to better reflect our positions around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. These Guiding Principles are our North Star for how we treat each other, our partners and you, our members.

Following are the new AAA Washington Guiding Principles:

  • Members lead the way. Our decisions and actions are guided by the best interest of more than 1 million members.
  • Provide value for our members. Deliver products, services and experiences that are important to our members.
  • Act today to serve members tomorrow. Be financially responsible, innovate and invest for the future
  • Be a great place to work. We all contribute to a positive, inclusive workplace where everyone belongs.
  • We care. Be kind and support our members, each other and our communities.
  • People first. Respect everyone, celebrate differences and champion equity.

Much thought and care went into creating the Guiding Principles. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do. Thank you for your continued support of AAA Washington and the diverse, inclusive community we aspire to build together.

Travel well,

Heather Snavely, President and CEO, AAA Washington

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