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Save on Fuel This Summer

3 Tips to Get the Most Mileage At The Lowest Cost

Summer and road trips go hand in hand. There is no need to let this year’s higher gas prices detour any plans. AAA can help travelers cut costs before they head out, save while on the road, and learn about new ways to reach their destinations.

Choose Efficiency

Taking a trip in the most fuel-efficient vehicle available saves money. If you own more than one vehicle, take the one that gets the best gas mileage. If that vehicle can’t comfortably accommodate your family, group or luggage, consider renting a car with better fuel economy. Weigh the rental price against the cost of repeatedly filling your own car.

Another option is to rent a hybrid or fully electric vehicle (EV). AAA partners Hertz Car Rental and GIG Car Share do EV and hybrid rentals in select states. Not sure where to go and charge up? Find a list of charging stations on the road at

Vehicle Care

To improve fuel performance and decrease your chance of a breakdown, complete all maintenance requirements ahead of your road trip.

Drive on inflated tires, avoid hard stops and accelerations, stay off the road during peak traffic times and the hottest part of the day when you are most likely to use air conditioning. Plus, use cruise control and stick to the speed limit. Speeds higher than 50 mph add aerodynamic drag causing more fuel consumption.

Buy Regular

Most cars, SUVs and trucks run just fine on regular gas and gain no extra benefit from higher-cost premium fuels. Only use higher grades when it is recommended in the owner’s manual. Find the cheapest gas along your route by using the TripTik feature on the AAA Auto Club app. More Cost Saving Tips

More Cost Savings

  • Choose a destination where you don’t have to drive much after you arrive.
  • Save on accommodation and meals along the way. AAA’s diamond ratings can help you find lower-cost options that are still clean and safe at
  • Choose lodging with a kitchen to prepare your own meals.
  • Consider camping.

– Written by Kelly Just
– Top photo by Hyatt Kayhan/AdobeStock
– This article appears in the Summer 2022 edition of AAA Washington’s member magazine, Journey.

Interested in planning your next road trip with AAA Washington? Call your travel agent directly or your nearest AAA store to get pro tips, TripTik maps, and more. Find more Pacific Northwest scenic drives and road trips.

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