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Eyes on the Future

I was honored to join AAA Washington just a couple of months ago, but my relationship with AAA and community-focused organizations is much longer.

I grew up in Minneapolis taking road trips across Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Iowa and Central Canada. My family were tourists, fishermen and dog-show hobbyists, and we traveled in pursuit of all three.

An only child, I’d commandeer the back seat with a pillow, a book and my Walkman. I learned early that the keys to the best road trips were a sense of adventure and curiosity.

I employed both as my husband, our two dogs and I drove our VW Golf from Minneapolis to Seattle to take a new job in 1999. Since then, I’ve worked in multiple industries from board games to video games, retail to running. The common thread? Each of the organizations I worked for held a deep bond with its members, ambassadors or communities — just like AAA Washington.

As a AAA member for 21 years, I am proud and humbled to become your eighth president and CEO, and first woman in the role. It’s an honor and responsibility I don’t take lightly, and I’m ready to dig in and learn. What are we doing well? Where can we do better? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Gathering insight from members, non-members, partners and everyone across the organization is essential to successfully leading AAA Washington into the future. Top of my list is understanding the passion our members and employees hold for AAA, how we can make membership even more meaningful to more people, and what a more diverse, equitable and inclusive AAA Washington community looks like.

I’m eager to explore ways we might innovate and think differently about how we fulfill our mission to be “our members’ champion through life’s journeys.” And, in the wake of the hottest summer on record, I’m keen to consider how our club can make greater investments in environmental sustainability and green energy.

As I slide into the driver’s seat, I’m thrilled to be on this journey together. Of course the most important thing on any road trip isn’t the snacks or the playlist (although they are pretty essential), but the people around you. If the Board of Trustees, leadership team and others I’ve met across AAA Washington are any indication, the companions on this ride are passionate, dedicated to excellence and wholly committed to serving our members.

I’m excited to chart the path forward and believe if we keep our minds open, like the road ahead, we can accomplish anything.

Travel well,

Heather Snavely, President and CEO, AAA Washington

Interested in planning your next road trip with AAA Washington? Call your travel agent directly or your nearest AAA store to get pro tips, TripTik maps, and more. Find more Pacific Northwest scenic drives and road trips.

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