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Insurance in Washington State

What to Do About Your Insurance When You Move to Washington State

Each state has individual insurance regulations that are overseen by the State Insurance Commissioner. Auto and homeowners insurance policies are not transferrable from state to state. It is recommended to acquire new car and home insurance within 30 days of moving to your new Washington State residence.

Car Insurance

  • Obtain new car insurance.
  • Confirm your prior car insurance policy has been cancelled, once your new Washington personal auto policy is in force.


  • Obtain new renters insurance for your Washington state residence. Most leasing agents and landlords require proof of insurance upon signing a new lease.
  • Confirm your prior renters insurance policy has been cancelled, once your new Washington renters policy is in force.


  • If you are planning on buying a new home in Washington, you will need a new homeowners insurance policy to insure your property and liability.
  • Selling a home in another state? Contact the insurance agent who arranged your homeowners insurance policy to discuss how your policy covers your home that is for sale.
  • Do you own a home in another state? Contact the insurance agent who arranged your homeowner’s insurance policy to discuss the coverage needs for secondary homes and rental properties.
  • Sold a property in another state? Remember to cancel your home insurance policy.

RV, Watercraft and Motorcycle Policies

If you are planning on moving your RV, Watercraft or Motorcycles to Washington state, you will need to obtain new insurance for Washington state.

  • Confirm that your prior insurance policy or policies has been cancelled, once your new Washington state policy is in force.

Bonus Tip

Update your new mailing address with your prior insurance agent to ensure you receive your policy documents.

– Written by Matt Forrest

AAA Washington Insurance Agency is here to help. If you are looking to review your car insurance or simply have questions, call (877) 222-4678 for a free, no-obligation consultation. You also can find an agent near you, or request a quote online.

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