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Published: June 07, 2021

Why are Insurance Rates Rising?

Just as with the rising cost of food or gas, insurance premiums will likely increase in 2022 and beyond. Inflation could raise the premiums on numerous insurance products across the country, including for policyholders in Washington and Idaho.

Insurance companies have been hit with higher claims to repair or replace damaged homes and cars. Lumber costs and a nationwide construction labor shortage, for example, have pushed up home repair and new construction significantly. It also costs more to stay in a motel or rental while a home is repaired.

In addition, a national shortage on car chips and other materials and auto-repair labor shortages are making it more expensive to repair or replace vehicles. Likewise, new and used auto prices have gone up, as have car-rental fees.

These are just a few of the rising costs that affect insurance payouts on homeowners and auto policies. Over time, the insurance companies are expected to adjust to higher claim amounts by raising their rates.

Washington’s Rule Change

In the special case of Washington, a temporary rule change may push up insurance rates for the state’s residents with high credit scores.

In March 2021, the Washington State Insurance Commissioner adopted a rule temporarily prohibiting insurance companies from using credit scores in the mix of data points that determine rates. Although this change remained in legal limbo as of May 2022, some insurance companies have already increased their rates on personal line policies, which include auto, boat, RV, and homeowners or renters insurance.

Should the rule ultimately stand up, a consumer’s credit score would no longer be a variable in pricing insurance for three years. If you have a good credit score, your rates on several policies could increase.

Remember insurance companies price risks differently, so an insurance company may react to economic shocks and regulatory changes differently than a competitor. The good news is that there are several steps that you can take to save on your insurance.

AAA Membership

One of the many perks AAA members receive is a discount from several insurance companies that partner with AAA Insurance Agency. This discount can be as much as 8% on car insurance. If you’re a AAA member, find an agent near you or request a quote now. Not a AAA member, consider joining now.


If you don’t have all your auto, homeowners and recreational vehicles with one insurance company, talk with a AAA Washington agent. Bundling isn’t just convenient; it also earns you a discount. Bundling is just one item your insurance agent will consider when reviewing your existing coverage. Request a call to review your insurance now.

AAA Washington Travel Agent

Request a Call

Our insurance agents are here to help. Because the rate increase is impacting many people across Washington state, we expect longer wait times for phone inquiries. We appreciate your time, so please click on “Call Me” to complete a form and request a call with one of our experienced agents.

Usage-Based Insurance

Are you a safe driver? Ask about usage-based insurance, which allows the insurance company to track your driving patterns and reward you for safe driving. The tracking is typically done via a smartphone application or a device that is plugged in the vehicle. When you avoid risky driving habits such as hard braking or accelerating, you’re rewarded with a minimum discount of 5%. This discount can go up as much as 20%. If you’re interested in how these apps work and used by insurance companies, download our free guide now.


There are many other discounts offered by our partner insurance companies. Based on your unique situation, your AAA insurance agent can determine which discounts you are eligible for and help you secure the best rate without compromising your coverage. Request a call to review your insurance now.

Senior Savings

In Washington state, drivers who are 55 years or older can receive a discount if they take a “driver improvement program” course every two years. AAA offers this eight-hour course online.

Teen Discounts

Do you have a teen driver? Many of our insurance companies provide safe driving discounts for teens who complete a safe driving course. Request a call to review your insurance now.

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