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Michael Riley

AAA Washington Insurance Agency

How to Save on Insurance With AAA

Can AAA Help Me Save on Insurance?

AAA Guides You to the Best Discounts and Coverage

Do you wonder if AAA help you save on insurance? The answer is: Yes. But would you like to save $100 or $100,000?

Students at Washington State University, where I frequently speak on risk management, often are puzzled when I ask them this same question. So, allow me to explain.

People often opt to pay less for insurance to save money. For example, they may leave out critical coverage to save $100 on their premiums every six months. When it comes time to make a substantial claim, however, that inadequate coverage can cost them dearly. 

That is why I say, “coverage first.” Having the knowledge and guidance of a skilled insurance agent when you buy insurance is actually the best way to save — eventually when you need to file a claim. No matter what comes your way, your coverage will be there to protect what really matters: your finances, your family and your future. 

AAA Washington Insurance Agency exists to serve our members, and our experienced agents are here to help. Your interests are our interests — we’re members, too — and that’s pretty unique in the insurance world. 

But there is another way to use your membership to save. AAA members receive as much as 8 percent off auto insurance every year. So, you can have great coverage and save big. Even better, this member discount is in addition to standard insurance discounts for bundling, good driving, being a good student, having certain safety and security equipment, paying early, and more.  

So, the answer to whether you want to save $100 or $100,000 is this: You can do both with AAA. First, we can help you get the right coverage, so you are well-protected. Second, we work hard to ensure you get the best rate and take advantage of your member discount. We’ll be there to help every step of the way. 

Michael Riley

Director of Sales at AAA Washington Insurance Agency, has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry and is a guest lecturer at Washington State University.

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