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Cruises to Italy

Italy cruises give passengers the opportunity to experience this beautiful European country in several settings.

Life aboard your luxury cruise differs from the authentic cultural encounters that you’ll experience ashore. While the ship has lavish staterooms, elegant restaurants, extravagant entertainment and relaxing amenities, you will meet friendly locals offshore, taste their authentic cuisine and go on educational tours, experiencing all the vibrant color palettes of Italy.

Continue reading to learn more about the numerous world-class cruises offered by AAA or contact AAA to speak with a professional travel agent about the type of Italy cruise you’re looking for.

If you’re considering taking a cruise to Italy this year and want to know more about the best cruise deals out there, this article is for you.

Italy Monte Carlo Monaco By Sergii Figurnyi AdobeStock
Monte Carlo, Monaco. Photo by Sergil Figurnyi/AdobeStock

Italy Cruises

AAA has been crafting world-class cruises that appeal to Italy-enthused wanderers for decades. And, with the wealth of knowledge and experience that AAA has accumulated, every Italy travel excursion booked through AAA is sure to evoke wonder, laughter and the utmost enjoyment.

If you are ready to kick back, relax and pamper yourself, explore six of AAA’s best cruise and vacation packages to Italy. Please note that specific dates, amenities and itineraries are subject to change.

Iconic Western Mediterranean

Spend eight-days immersed in the ethereal beauty of the French Riviera and Tuscany. This Mediterranean cruise to Italy is the perfect blend of diverse landscapes and cultures, introducing passengers to cities spanning three of Europe’s most prominent countries.

  • Day 1: Rome (embarkation)
  • Days 2 and 3: Florence and Pisa
  • Day 4: Monte-Carlo (Monaco)
  • Day 5: Marseille
  • Day 6: Montpellier
  • Days 7 and 8: Barcelona
Italy Castiglione della Pescaia old village Maremma Tuscany By stevanzz AdobeStock
Maremma, Tuscany. Photo by stevanzz/AdobeStock

Seabourn Mediterranean Cruises

Choose from either a week-long, 14-day, or 21-day cruise through the balmy Mediterranean that touches a multitude of Europe’s most intriguing destinations.

This all-inclusive Italy cruise takes place on one of Seabourn’s finest luxury vessels and takes cruising to a new level. “Refined,” “elegant,” “personalized” and “chic” are all words one could use to describe the extraordinary experiences that this itinerary entails.

The destinations include Italy, Spain, Greece, France and parts of Western Europe.

Italy Seabourn Sojourn Cruise around the Mediterranean Gary Bembridge
Sebourn Sojourn Cruise. Photo by Gary Bembridge

Italian Holiday

Join a weeklong Italian holiday revealing the best that this glorious European country has to offer. Cruise the canals of Venice, revel in Renaissance-era landmarks and visit the Vatican before your journey’s end.

  • Day 1: Rome
  • Day 2: Rome and the Vatican City
  • Day 3: Venice
  • Day 4: Verona
  • Day 5: Pisa and Florence
  • Days 6 and 7: Rome

On your Italian holiday, you will stay in the following hotels:

  • Cicerone (Rome)
  • Novotel Mestre Castellana (Venice)
  • Leopardi (Verona)
  • Grand Mediterraneo (Florence)
  • Grand Tiberio (Rome)
Italy Lake Garda in Italy By E polischuk AdobeStock
Lake Garda, Italy. Photo by E polischuk/AdobeStock

Northern Italy and its Lakes

Cruise Italy’s rugged, mountain-encased lakes, and revel in the ambiance of glorious Northern Italy. This Italian vacation package incorporates a mix of on-land excursions blended with peaceful outings on some of the country’s most serene lakes.

This itinerary includes not only structured sightseeing activities, but also ample leisure time to bask in the peace of nature, wander cobbled streets of old Italian towns, or stop for an aperitif drink at a quaint establishment.

  • Days 1 and 2: Padua
  • Day 3: Padua, Murano and Venice
  • Day 4: Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore
  • Day 5: Lake Maggiore
  • Day 6: Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano and Lake Como
  • Days 7 and 8: Lake Maggiore
Italy Bridge of Saint Angelo in Rome By Givaga AdobeStock
Bridge of Saint Angelo, Rome. Photo by Givaga/AdobeStock

Wonders of Italy

Take 11 days to get familiar with the wonders of Italy, cruise the Cinque Terre’s craggy coastline and meander through sprawling olive groves in Tuscany.

Unlock the centuries-old Venetian tradition of glassblowing, enjoy pastel rows of houses perched atop hillsides, wander through the Sistine Chapel and marvel at exquisite architecture from eras gone by.

  • Day 1: Rome
  • Day 2: Rome and the Vatican City
  • Day 3: Lucca
  • Day 4: Cinque Terre and Pisa
  • Day 5: San Gimignano and Florence
  • Day 6: Florence
  • Day 7: Verona and Venice
  • Day 8: Venice
  • Day 9: Bologna and Assisi
  • Day 10: Tivoli and Rome
  • Day 11: Rome (tour concludes)
Italy Old Town Square in Prague By adisa AdobeStock
Old Town Square, Prague. Photo by adisa/AdobeStock

European Rhapsody

AAA’s European Rhapsody takes passengers aboard a 10-day journey through some of the continent’s most historic and prominent destinations.

Float down the tree-lined canals of Amsterdam, take a river cruise through the heart of Prague, discover UNESCO World Heritage sites in Bohemia, and indulge your botanical fancies on a private tour of Maria Theresa’s Schönbrunn Palace and gardens.

While itineraries and prices vary, this finely curated cruise can include:

  • Day 1: Amsterdam
  • Day 2: Rhine Valley to Würzburg
  • Day 3: Rothenburg and Golden Prague
  • Day 4: Prague
  • Day 5: Bohemia and Budapest
  • Day 6: Budapest
  • Day 7: Vienna
  • Day 8: Lake Wörthersee (Austria) and Venice
  • Days 9 and 10: Venice

Book Your Italy Vacation With AAA Today

Whether you’re looking for Princess cruises to Italy, on-land tours, or the best of both worlds, get in touch with AAA today to learn more about AAA’s premium travel packages to Italy’s diverse regions.

Italy is a fantastic destination with much to offer to travelers. Whether you are fond of fine dining, food tours, and lavish accommodations, countryside escapes, or peaceful cruises down the Italian Riviera, Italy has something for you.

Get in touch with AAA today to book your future cruises to Italy or with your Italy travel questions.

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