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norwegian encore in Alaska
Photo by Norwegian Cruise Lines.

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As the travel season is beginning to heat up once again, cruise deals for 2021 and beyond are plenty. Whether you’re brand new to the magnificent world of cruising or a seasoned cruise traveler, AAA can find you the best cruise deals. Searching for last-minute deals? Don’t miss our key factors to consider. Plus, find some examples of the hottest deals out there on cruise discounts.

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Already have the itch to set sail and cruise the waters? Rest with confidence knowing that your trip will be thoroughly and fully planned out for you. As experts in travel, AAA Travel makes it our mission to provide you with the absolute greatest experience possible.

Cruises 2021

OK, let’s dig a little deeper into the bargain hunting. Here are excellent cruise deals from major cruise lines:

  • Royal Caribbean
  • Princess Cruises
  • Holland America
two dolphins swimming together on a clear white sandbed
Bahamas. Photo by iStock.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Deals

At the time of writing, Royal Caribbean is offering some impeccable cruise deals if you’re looking to venture out to the sunny Bahamas.

There are some cruises that start as low as $249 per person for a 3-night cruise and $447 per person for a 7-night cruise. These cruises take you all across the beauty of the Caribbean. From the Bahamas to the many other islands adoring this beautiful area, there are some deals you can’t afford to miss here.

Of course, these cruise prices are a bit higher when you factor in that you would need airfare in order to make it down to Miami, where the cruise embarks from. All factors to consider, but still an amazing deal nonetheless.

Check out more cruise deals from AAA.

seal resting on an iceberg with from the Dawes Glacier
Seals seen on an Alaska cruise. Photo by Paul Souders/Getty Images.

Cruise Lines from Seattle

For our Washington readers, the best cruise deals you can find right now that embark from Seattle are going to be cruise lines to Alaska.

You may ask, “We spend all year in the cold, why would I want to go see Alaska in the middle of my summer vacation?”

Well first of all, a cruise to Alaska can be your way to escape some of the hottest summer days of the Pacific Northwest.

Plus, Alaska cruises are surreal experiences. While you might not be hitting up a warm sunny beach, you’ll be standing face to face with enormous glaciers, witnessing whales pop up out of the sea, or even waving to kodiak bears on the shore.

Alaska is home to the ultimate adventures, and of many of the best cruises 2021 has to offer.

Royal Caribbean is offering cruises to Alaska right now from less than $500 per person, for a 7-day glacier experience. It’s an unbelievable amount of value and an even more unbelievable experience.

Princess Cruises offers a 7-day cruise to Alaska from Seattle that will take you to the best of the Great Land, from the glaciers of Glacier Bay National Park to the frontier port towns of Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. Book with AAA to get exclusive perks.

Holland America offers a variety of cruises from Seattle and other U.S. ports, including San Diego. Find out its deals and special AAA savings

cruise ship travelling through small islands
Are you ready for your next cruise?

Last Minute Cruise Deals

Finding the best last minute cruise deals means staying glued to the newsletters and social media accounts for major cruise lines.

With so many moving parts in flux right now as the travel industry comes back to life, there are loads of opportunities circulating at any given time.

If you’re looking for cruise deals of your own, here are a few final tips that I’ll leave you with.

Tip 1 – Know where you want to go

With cruising, you really can go anywhere you like. But it’s not enough just to know you want to go on a cruise, you should have a firm idea in your mind of where you want to see.

Then, wait for the right cruise deal to come. Otherwise, you might feel a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) and buy into another cruise that wasn’t what you really wanted, just because you felt like it was a good deal.

Trust me, a deal always comes around.

Tip 2 – Know what you want to do

Cruises have all kinds of excursions and activities that you can enjoy. Pick your favorites and plan your deal accordingly!

Tip 3 – Cruise happy!

Never cruise when you know you’re going to be stressed. If the timing doesn’t work out for you, wait for the next boat!

If you need help planning your new cruise, we are here to help. You can book all kinds of cruises by clicking here.

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