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Everyday Actions

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Do Good

At AAA Washington, we care. Caring for our members is at the center of every decision we make. We are active participants in our communities, making them better for everyone by investing in organizations who focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. We provide Volunteer Time Pay so our employees participate in volunteer activities that directly impact their communities.

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Think Big

AAA Washington wants employees to always consider what can be done to make our members’ lives better. To think big is to think beyond our current jobs and our current business scope. We want thoughtful, curious and creative employees to think outside of the box to develop new ideas and be ready to take the reins in incorporating them into our business.

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Be Inclusive

Diversity makes AAA Washington a better organization and as a team, we’re dedicated to living a culture of inclusion, diversity, equity and opportunity for all. From our hiring and pay equity practices to our guiding principles based on a foundation of respect for our diverse community, AAA strives each day to be welcoming to all.

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At AAA Washington, we have multiple business lines all working together, each with different strengths that reinforce our organization as a whole. One way we ensure a collaborative culture is the implementation of work groups with representatives from across the organization. Teamwork from every business line is what makes us strong and helps us serve our shared purpose; being the best we can be for our members.

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Live Well

The everyday choices we make can help us live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives — both at work and at home. This overall well-being can contribute substantially to the health and vitality of AAA Washington as an organization. In order to serve our members well, we need to take care of ourselves, and AAA Washington is committed to supporting that goal.

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AAA Washington takes employee growth seriously, investing in training, mentoring and coaching to help staff at all levels of the organization gain knowledge about themselves and job-related skills. Because of that, we look for employees who have a growth mindset; the desire to learn, expand perspectives and help others grow, too.

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