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Traveling to Canada

Canada travel abounds in dramatic natural settings, interesting culture, abundant wildlife and fine cuisine. Whether you are a food-motivated traveler, one who revels in the outdoors, a lover of cities or a connoisseur of cruising, Canada has something for you. 

Learn some of the best Canada travel deals offered by AAA and find out more about current Canada travel requirements.  

Canada Travel Deals by AAA 

Canada travel packages ensure that you can immerse yourself in the wonders of this magnificent country. Whether it be rainforests, mountains or rolling seas, this country has something captivating for everyone. The following vacation packages allow travelers to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the world’s second largest country. 

If you are in search of a truly memorable vacation in Canada, read on or get in touch with AAA today to speak with a seasoned travel agent. Please note that specific dates, amenities and itineraries are subject to change.

canada quebec canada wildlife woodland caribou howard adobestock
Woodland Caribou in Quebec. Photo by Howard/Adobe Stock

Concierge Classic Canada and New England Cruise 

This 11-day aquatic adventure commences aboard one of Princess Cruises’ lavish ships, where you will spend a week and a half sampling some of the U.S. and Canada’s most charming cities.  

Stops on this itinerary include:  

  • Day 1: Québec City (overnight at a hotel)  
  • Day 2: Québec City (embark and exclusive AAA tour) 
  • Day 3: Québec City 
  • Day 4: Saguenay 
  • Day 5: Cruising  
  • Day 6: Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island) 
  • Day 7: Sydney 
  • Day 8: Halifax
  • Day 9: Bar Harbor 
  • Day 10: Boston 
  • Day 11: Cruising  
  • Day 12: New York City 

First Passage to the West at Leisure 

If you are passionate about the outdoors, this is the Canada travel package for you.  

Join an eight-day escape into the Canadian Rockies, meander through quaint mountain towns and trek through the Columbia Icefield. Also enjoy ample fine dining, complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and two days aboard the Rocky Mountaineer (a luxury locomotive that helps you experience the raw beauty of Canada).  

Your itinerary is as follows:  

  • Day 1: Vancouver 
  • Day 2: Kamloops 
  • Days 3 and 4: Lake Louise 
  • Days 5 and 6: Banff 
  • Days 7 and 8: Calgary  

Oceania Cruise: Greenland, Iceland and Canada  

Take two weeks to explore some of Mother Nature’s finest works on this Oceania Cruise escapade. This journey will take you from New York to Reykjavik, cruising the Boston and Canadian coasts before voyaging to Greenland. Finally, cruise the Denmark Strait and end your voyage in Iceland with an overnight stay in Reykjavik.  

Your two-week itinerary includes the following stops:  

  • Day 1: New York 
  • Day 2: Cape Cod Canal (cruising) 
  • Day 3: Boston 
  • Day 4: Bar Harbor, Maine 
  • Day 5: Halifax, Nova Scotia 
  • Day 6: Saint John’s, Newfoundland 
  • Days 7 and 8: Atlantic Ocean (cruising) 
  • Day 9: Nuuk, Greenland 
  • Day 10: Paamiut, Greenland 
  • Day 11: Prince Christian Sound (cruising) 
  • Day 12: Denmark Strait (cruising) 
  • Days 13 and 14: Reykjavik, Iceland 

Canadian Rockies Getaway Circle 

Take nine days to get up close and personal with some of the natural wonders of Canada. Immerse yourself in the captivating Yoho National Park, trek through the rugged Columbia Icefields and spend four days aboard the lavish Rocky Mountaineer. 

This trip includes eight nights at a hotel, four complimentary breakfasts, five complimentary lunches, complimentary beverages, gourmand-tier snacks while onboard the Rocky Mountaineer and rail transfer services.  

This upscale, adventuresome Canada travel package includes the following stops:  

  • Day 1: Vancouver 
  • Day 2: Kamloops 
  • Day 3: Jasper 
  • Day 4: Lake Louise 
  • Days 5 and 6: Banff 
  • Day 7: Kamloops 
  • Day 8 and 9: Vancouver 

Rainforest to Gold Rush Explorer 

Immerse yourself in some of Canada’s most marvelous scenery on this nine-day adventure uncovering some of the Gold Rush’s intriguing history. Glimpse at the best of the Canadian Rockies, spend two nights in a quaint historic town, do a tour of Jasper and spend three days lounging aboard the Rocky Mountaineer with either SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf Service.  

  • Day 1: Vancouver 
  • Day 2: Whistler 
  • Day 3: Quesnel 
  • Days 4 and 5: Jasper 
  • Day 6: Lake Louise 
  • Day 7: Banff 
  • Days 8 and 9: Calgary 

Journey Through the Clouds Explorer 

Visit some of Mother Nature’s finest work on this eight-day journey. Trek through verdant valleys, marvel at the majestic Pyramid Falls, find the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies while aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, and take a ride on the air tram above Hell’s Gate.  

The itinerary includes:  

  • Day 1: Vancouver 
  • Day 2: Kamloops 
  • Days 3 and 4: Jasper 
  • Day 5: Banff 
  • Day 6: Lake Louise 
  • Days 7 and 8: Calgary 

First Passage to the West with Samantha Brown 

Embark on an adventure featuring great food, breathtaking landscapes, lavish accommodations, and join host Samantha Brown from PBS’ Samantha Brown’s Places on the rail portion of the journey.  

Some unique features include a visit to Grouse Mountain and the suspension bridge, a stop in Banff (with a ride on the gondola!), five complimentary breakfasts, two complimentary lunches, three complimentary dinners, seven nights at AAA esteemed hotels, sightseeing tours and more.  

This itinerary is as follows:  

  • Days 1 and 2: Vancouver 
  • Day 3: Kamloops 
  • Day 5: Kamloops to Banff 
  • Day 6: Banff to Lake Louise 
  • Day 7: Lake Louise to Calgary 
  • Day 8: Calgary 

Great Lakes Grand Discovery – Chicago to Montreal or Reverse 

Take 13 days to explore Chicago, Montreal, Michigan, and more with this elaborate, AAA-crafted itinerary. Not only will you become acquainted with one of the Great Lakes, but also experience the magnificent Niagara Falls, the world’s largest freshwater island (Manitoulin Island), and several large American cities such as Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland.  

The itinerary for this Canada travel experience is as follows:  

  • Days 1 and 2: Chicago 
  • Day 3: Lake Michigan scenic sailing 
  • Day 4: Mackinac Island 
  • Day 5: Sault Ste. Marie 
  • Day 6: Manitoulin Island 
  • Day 7: Lake Huron scenic sailing 
  • Day 8: Detroit 
  • Day 9: Cleveland  
  • Day 10: Niagara Falls  
  • Day 11: Toronto 
  • Day 12: Lake Ontario scenic sailing 
  • Day 13: Montreal 
canada vandusen botanical gardens vancouver city snehit photo adobestock
VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Vancouver, B.C. Photo by SNEHIT-photo-/Adobe Stock

Canada Travel Guide: 15 Things To See and Do 

Travelers could spend months in Canada and still need more time to see it all. Here are 15 top places to see in a country with endless options to explore:   

  1. Find the Northern Lights.  
  1. Visit Niagara Falls.  
  1. Marvel at the beauty of Banff National Park.  
  1. Explore Gastown in Vancouver. 
  1. Wander through VanDusen Botanical Gardens. 
  1. Do a food tour in Victoria.  
  1. Visit Prince Edward Island. 
  1. Stroll through St. Lawrence Market. 
  1. Visit the Royal Ontario Museum. 
  1. Take a day cruise around the Gulf Islands.  
  1. Stroll the historic streets of Old Quebec.  
  1. Marvel at the Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral in Quebec.   
  1. Go wine tasting in Okanagan Valley.  
  1. Visit the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site in Nova Scotia.  
  1. Spend a day in nature at Cape Breton Highlands National Park. 

Book Your Canada Travel Experience with AAA Today

Regardless of your travel style or needs, get in touch with AAA today to book your world-class Canada travel package. AAA has been a curator of fine travel for decades and accrued ample knowledge on enriching experiences abroad.

Canada is one of the world’s most naturally beautiful, activity-diverse locations that you can explore. So, if Canada is on your travel bucket list, make this dream come true by partnering with AAA to get the vacation experience that you deserve and desire.

Get in touch with AAA’s team of qualified travel professionals today to learn more about AAA’s variety of Canada travel packages and get expert advice on your upcoming trip.

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