Traffic Safety

Be Prepared

For Wherever The Next Road Leads

Plan for a Trip

Car Care Checklist

The best time to prevent a vehicle breakdown is before your trip ever begins.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Despite all precautions, drivers need to be ready for the unexpected.

How to Handle a Breakdown

It’s almost inevitable that at some point you’ll have trouble with your vehicle.

How to Drive

In Wet Weather

The art of safe driving in adverse weather, which we have a lot of in the Pacific Northwest, requires preparation and training.

On Ice and Snow

Driving in winter weather can be challenging, but with a little preparation and education, you can arrive at your destination safely.

Avalanche control expert John Stimberis drives a snowcat in the mountains above Interstate 90 through the Cascade Mountains

Winter Driving Tips From a Safety Pro

Highway avalanche control expert John Stimberis offers winter driving safety tips.

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