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RattleSnake Hills AVA

Rattlesnake Hills occupies a unique niche in central Washington: It is located in both the Yakima Valley and Columbia Valley regions and its ridgetop vineyards, located at 3,000-plus feet in elevation, offer some of the state’s best water and air drainage. The high elevation of the neighboring Yakima Ridge also protects Rattlesnake Hills from deep winter freezes.

That topography helps Rattlesnake Hills specialize in cabernet sauvignon, riesling, and merlot on its nearly 1,800 acres of vineyards. If you decide to visit, however, keep in mind the AVA is named for the northern pacific rattlesnake, which lives in the area. This shouldn’t necessarily dissuade you. Rattlesnakes are common throughout eastern Washington and dislike confrontation as much as humans do, but it is worth noting.)

Cities and Towns

Rattlesnake Hills sits within the Yakima Valley, so that region’s communities — most notably Yakima, Union Gap, and Zillah — are all relatively close to nearby wineries and tasting rooms.

Key Touring Routes

Most of the region’s wineries are in Zillah, or just north of the town, along Interstate 82. Yakima Valley Highway mostly parallels Interstate 82 through Rattlesnake Hills and affords easy access to numerous wineries outside of town.

Selected Wineries

Treveri Cellars prides itself on serving some of the region’s best sparkling wines, with a lineup of popular and non-traditional varieties that includes a sparkling rosé, riesling, and syrah.

Please remember to designate a driver.

– Written by John King. Updated by Matthew Wastradowski in September 2020

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